Should I travel to Los Rodríguez San Miguel de Allende Gto

The answer is yes.

This city just 11 miles away from San Miguel de Allende and no one knows about. Could it be because Hotels in San Miguel de Allende are nightly at least 3000 pesos, and here in Los Rodríguez is only 1000 to 1500 pesos a month. Or could it be because food is at least 50 percent cheaper here. If food in San Miguel is cheap here is even cheaper plus more flavorful.

Los Rodriguez

Beautiful Calm Town/ Community

Just 11 miles from San Miguel de Allende two different worlds. San Miguel is more of a colonial city. Los Rodríguez is a more of a small community still in process and growing slowly.

In this city you’ll find a community like no other. Everyone knows everyone. Food, Rent, cost of living is affordable. This is possible because only local people live here. There are not tourists.

When to come to Los Rodriguez.

I recommend to come during December, between the 8th and the 12th of December. All of the communities surrounding Los Rodriguez join together te celebrate virgen mary birthday.

In this link
you’ll see a small click of the fireworks show that this town do every year. Compare to San Miguel this town fireworks are 100% bigger and better.

The first of December the church throws loud fireworks from 12:00am to 5:00am. After 5am the priest of the church with people from the town go around the town to bless it. At 6:00am they go to the church to have Mass.

right at 7:00am outside the church there are people from the town giving tamales and atole to those who went to church. This happens every day until December 12.

During the year there is always big celebrations in the small towns around Los Rodriguez.

But no matter when you come here, you will always find something to do.

Everyone knows this restaurant because it has the best barbacoa

Afternoon in Rodriguez

Really good chicken restaurant

those are some photos of the town, if you like adventure and visiting new places I recommend this town.

Here are some celebrations that happens every year in nearby communities within 3 miles of Los Rodriguez

La Feria de la Virgen del Carmen

If you’re going to San Miguel or in general visiting this town during July, don’t miss La Feria De La Virgen Del Carmen.

This fair is a truly Mexican fair. This town has dances, local singers, rides, a Jaripeo, and really nice food.

Here are photos of La fiesta del Carmen

This is a jaripeo

This is what to expect of this fair

Delicious food typical from a Mexican fair

Dancers outside the church

here is a link to my YouTube video of this fair La Feria de la Virgen del Carmen hope you like it,

This other fair happens in January the 13 it’s called Santo niño del Corral de Piedras, in this fair they have typical Mexican food, rides, and dances also big fireworks shows at night

Here are some photos of the fair

If you’re coming to San Miguel de Allende I recommend you to stay here not just because everything is cheaper but because San Miguel Allende is just 11 miles you can take a bus to the San Miguel de Allende , there is always a bus to the city every 15 minutes.


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