Should I Travel To Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

The answer is no.

hopefully this helps you decide if Puerto Vallarta could be your next vacation

Here is the full story of those photos and my experience in Puerto Vallarta

Last week I was getting ready to visit this famous city. I’ve seen good reviews about the city and I saw some photos and videos of the city as well.

First thing I did was to call the hotel that I was going to stay. I made sure to have one of the best rooms with good views. I paid around $1300 dollars for 4 nights.

First Tour

We were supposed to see the city and take a tequila tour. It was an a ok tour , but there wasn’t a lot to see. he only showed us the Malecón

This is the Malecón

And then from there he took us to see the church. The church was beautiful.

At the tequila tour They showed us how they make tequila and why their tequila was better than the ones selling downtown. We had to eat at this place because we didn’t have an opinion. It was the only restaurant near by. I was hopping to eat something Mexican but instead I ate here

Second Tour

The second day in Puerto Vallarta I decided to take a snorkeling tour. I was excited.

Here is where the real nightmare starts…

It took us one hour to get to the first place to do the first activity snorkel. I was feeling uncomfortable when the tour guy told us that if you don’t know how to swim you can’t do snorkeling, because the currents are way too strong here in Puerto Vallarta.

At the moment I thought, why would you do snorkeling in an area like that?

I jumped out of the boat I was expecting to see clear water or at least to see some fish. I wasn’t able to see anything because the water was way too green And smelly, The snorkeling was really quick because there were another activity to do.

from there they took us to see and island, were you weren’t allowed to touch anything, to get to the island we had to jumped out of a little boat. The water was really cold and the current was very strong. I didn’t see what was the point of going to the island in the photos it seem like a swimmable island and even before buying this tour they told me it was a very nice island to swim but it wasn’t.

Swimming back to the boat.

Third and Last Tour

I was still hoping that this tour was gonna take us to different waters and they did, just one problem, this water was even worse.

No one wanted to go in the water it was nasty and smelly.

Yelapa Beach

In the same tour I asked them if the water in the beach was not swimmable, they told me it was swimmable very calm and not just that, that it was one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta.

Well they lied. The beach was not swimmable, no body wanted to go in the water the waves were way too strong only few went inside the water. But 3 to 4 feet in the water you weren’t going to be able to touch the the Sea floor.

The boats are close to the beach because the water is deep closer to the edge.

So if you want to go to Puerto Vallarta because you think it has nice clean water, swimmable beaches, or perhaps good food? You’re in the wrong place

ps. Las Grutas De Tolantongo is way better and cheaper


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