Should I Travel To Las Grutas De Tolantogo

The answer is yes.

This beautiful place is a must see. The views are unbelievable. its a place you see pictures of and never imagine actually experiencing it in real life but once you do its breathtaking. neither pictures or words can describe the beauty of this place. The voyage to get there is a pain but 100% worth it. The water also very clean and warm. Better than cancun or any other place ive visited.

What to Expect on your way There

To get there you need to be very patience because it’s located far from any big city, from San Miguel de Allende is at least 3 hours. On your way up to the Mountains there are a lot of bumps that will make the the ride slower. First thing you see is the statue of Miguel Hidalgo. From the point you’re at least 1 hour away from Las Grutas.

Miguel Hidalgo Statue

A welcome sign on the mountain

The Hot Springs

Las Grutas De Tolantongo, or the Tolantongo caves, are a collection of hot spring pools built into a cliff in Hidalgo.

The views are phenomenal, the water is crystal clear. When you go inside the hot springs you’ll realize how clear and blue the water is full of minerals, on the bottom you’ll find black rocks that might bother you if you don’t have special shoes. (More about it at the end) (It only cost $120 pesos to have access to the hot springs. In USA dollar is around $7 dollars)

The springs are not deep, Water is at least 3’ feet deep. This part of Las Grutas Is the nicer one, not just because you can seat, relax in the hot spring water but because to go to other attractions you’re going to have to walk.

Walking up. On our way to the waterfalls
This is one of two waterfalls
Inside the second waterfall
This is more of a cave, the water is hot, and it’s a little bit steamy
Here is where all the spring water comes from
This cave is really steamy that is hard to get inside

Most people don’t have enough time to enjoy all this in one day that’s why there is a hotel here,

There are 3 different hotels in 3 different parts of the hot springs. I recommend you to stay here at least 2 days so you could see the everything otherwise is going to be a long way back.

You can also camp here. They rent the camping tents

Camping tents for privacy and to enjoy the view

After seeing the waterfalls and the hot springs your next stop will be the pools

It looks crowded but actually it was not
Beautiful views from the pool


On your way here you’ll see a lot of people selling shoes. Do Not Buy from there way until you see the last people selling them outside the town. You should see a little place where they sell them 2x$50 pesos. I paid $100 pesos for 1 pair of shoes. I tried to bargain because i need 7 but he only lowered to $100 pesos. Next time I’ll wait until I see 2X$50. You need those shoes because they are special for this place.

Everyone wearing water shoes

Don’t forget your sunscreen and bring some cash to buy food here. It’s really good and affordable.


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