Should I Travel to San Miguel de Allende

The answer is yes

This city is a must see. If this is not your first time here, you’re in the perfect place because I’ll show you close hidden treasures near by San Miguel de Allende.

I don’t know if I love this place because how cheap everything is or because it’s unique colonial style structures. (Question click here)

Here is a link to my YouTube video on the night of La alborada/ shooting stars night in San Miguel de Allende

Those who have visited describe San Miguel de Allende as an enchanting city, one with remarkable architecture.

The most expensive thing you’ll find in San Miguel de Allende are the hotels. (Keep reading or go all the way to the bottom to find out where to stay and have one of the most unique experiences and save some money)

San Miguel de Allende

I know why there is a lot of of talking about San Miguel and the reason is that it’s a unique city in Mexico. The cobblestoned streets and brightly colored Spanish-colonial buildings are a signature of the city. In fact, the 64-block historic center is so unique and picturesque, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

And just few months from now the city is planning to make its biggest lake a beach, they are bringing sand from Cancun and by next year they’ll have a cleaning system to clean the water of its lake.

It’s a really peaceful city. There is always celebrations and people always seems to be happy. There are a lot of hills and breathtaking roads that makes this city unique.

Here are some photos of my last trip

Beautiful breathtaking roads views to the city
El Mirador. Where you can go and see the whole city

The iconic church of San Miguel de Allende

A must see here in San Miguel is “La Cañada de la Virgen” click on the name to find more about it.


San Miguel is right In the heart of Mexico. Which makes it a must visit place. It’s close to a lot beautiful cities that not everyone knows about…

Here is a list of near by places you can go and visit

1. Las Grutas de Tolantogo. Only 3 hours away this hidden hot water springs will make you fall in love with it

2. Los Rodríguez this beautiful town just 11 miles from San Miguel has not just cheap hotels but the best ice cream in the region.

3. Guanajuato City The capital of the state where San Miguel is located. Here is where you can find the mummies and other amazing museums. (Ps be careful with food)

4. Mineral de Pozos This is a beautiful town, Just hour away from San Miguel will make you want to live here. In the middle of the semi-desert, with a landscape covered with mesquite trees, stands Pozos; with a mining history that has become the emblem of this cozy town, everyone who visits the ruins is filled with amazement.

Those are some of places you can visit outside San Miguel and enjoy your stay in this beautiful city.

Here are some photos of my last trip.

If you want to visit this city and you’re on a budget than you should read this article should I travel to Los Rodriguez this is a beautiful calm town just 11 miles away from San Miguel de Allende.


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